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Travelling by car is not a job or duty rather it is an opportunity to explore more in those moments of driving. it gives us pleasure to dream, think & build relations during travelling but on the other side it could be awful if you are alone on a long way. So why not to pre-plan our long hours journey & take few like minded co travellers to make that journey memorable because whatever moments we spend anywhere in our life span, those moments ultimately make our present & past.

Therefor, we should not waste hours of our beautiful life in cursing the long routes rather we should enjoy those moments by making them one of the most enjoyable moments of any lovable journey.

Here Co travelling could make it very simple to do all the things which you should do during your long hours journey. In this way, you would not only make long lasting relations with co travellers but also reduce carbon emission, road traffic & noise pollution by 80%. It also gives you opportunity to distribute your journey cost among other co travellers & in any tough situation i.e. vehicle malfunctioning, tyre puncture, theft issue, etc. you feel safe with a group of people.

So Team JhunJhunu wishes you all a save & greener journey where you enjoy your ride without making much pollution in environment.
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